Salamander Bay

Salamander Bay is 202 kilometres north of Sydney and 55 kilometres from Newcastle.

Named after the Salamander, the first boat to enter the Port in 1791 and used to transport convicts. Once proposed as the site for a naval base and for heavy industry.

Salamander Bay is a sleepy holiday hamlet located on the shores of Port Stephens. One of a number of coastal communities, the town is becoming an increasingly popular holiday and retirement destination. Despite its popularity, Salamander Bay maintains a low-rise development aesthetic with plenty of its natural landscape remaining intact.

There are an endless number of white sandy beaches in the Salamander Bay area. Salamander Bay Beach is a long arcing stretch of sand fronting the azure waters of Port Stephens.

Time here is best spent outdoors, either exploring the beautiful bay or surrounding parkland or simply pulling out the picnic set and lazing in the sun.