Fingal Bay

Fingal Bay, NSW, for Superb Family Holidays

Fingal Bay is one of those super little places right out on the point in Port Stephens, NSW. Indeed, those who don’t like the ocean and all it has to offer would be advised to go elsewhere for their holidays. Here it is sun, sea and sand, and a whole lot of exciting things to see and do, so bring along a bagful of energy as well.

Having said that, this is also a romantic’s paradise, because there are so many walks where the ocean and the sunset can be enjoyed. Set about two and half hours out of Sydney, this place also sees its share of local visitors as well as those that take long haul flights from overseas. Consequently, Fingal Bay has holiday accommodation, tour packages, charter boats and everything else anyone will need to have a great time.

Things to Do

Starting with the ocean, many people just rest up after the long flight and stay in their Fingal Bay holiday rental for a day to get their energy back. After this, try a trip to see the surreal Stockton Bight Sand Dunes. This moonscapesque setting has to be seen to be believed. It is one kilometre wide and thirty two kilometres wide, so it covers more than four thousand hectares.

People often try out sand surfing down the dunes, if they are brave enough, because these rise to over forty metres high in some places. It is the largest gathering of sand dunes on the continent so it is surely not to be missed. Driving on the dunes is possible too, but a permit must be sought from the Worimi Conservation organisation first. Vehicles have to be registered beforehand or, for something just a little different, try a camel ride and feel like a nomad!

It is impossible to get bored in Port Stephens and the surrounding areas because there is so much to do here. For example, most people like sea creatures and there are charters that take people out to see the dolphins or the Humpback whales that pass by. However, who would think of cuddling a stingray? This can be done at the Australian Shark and Ray Centre, along with feeding sharks by hand.

No one could visit Australia without meeting up with a Koala or two. Find these at the Tilligerry Nature Reserve and also take a walk along One Mile Beach to see them in their natural environment.

Another activity to try out is surfing which most people watch but don’t try. Here, get some lessons and have a go at being a surfing dude. There are packages which give a number of lessons over some days so book early on in the visit to get in as much practice as possible. In fact, if the kids are having a go at this, book holiday accommodation close to the beach so that they can get down to the water quickly every day.

One last activity that most dads will want to try is deep sea fishing, or fishing off the rocks to see what they can catch. Charter boats go out most days and the staff will even clean off the fish for cooking later on if necessary. Catch a great fish then show off your grilling prowess when you throw it on the BBQ back at your holiday rental.

Where to Stay

Holiday accommodation in Fingal Bay is easily found and comes in all price ranges. Serviced apartments are popular, to give the mothers a break from housework, or holiday rental apartments with private pools is another idea. Those who want to splash out can usually find world class accommodation along the shoreline and their every need will certainly be taken care of.

When to Visit

Winter runs from around May to November. A winter holiday may not sound like fun but this is when all the whales are seen as they migrate. The hottest months are around January and February but even in winter, those from colder climes do not really feel the chill.