Located in New South Wales, Corlette sits between Soldiers Point and Nelson Bay, adjacent to the picturesque Port Stephens area. With excellent Corlette holiday rentals in the area, exquisite beauty, and thrilling attractions, Corlette is a wonderful place for a relaxing getaway, offering spectacular beaches and great water activities.

Fantastic Accommodation Options

There are plenty of places in the area for visitors to stay, but some of the best Corlette accommodation options are holiday rentals. These homes are available for overnight stays or for the week, offering spacious and comfortable living quarters to all guests. With these Port Stephens accommodation options, large families can all stay in the same place at an affordable cost and remain close to popular attractions. Whether you’re looking for a getaway for two people, to somewhere that can accommodate a large group, the Corlette area has something for everyone, no matter their size or needs. Many of the Corlette holiday rentals in the area also offer amenities such as a private swimming pool, wireless Internet and great outdoor entertaining areas.

So Much To See And Do

The Corlette area is home to a vast array of activities and attractions. For those looking to enjoy sea, sand and surf, the Corlette area is home to three beaches along it’s 4.3 kilometre coastline. These beaches are generally very quiet and secluded, making them a great place for a getaway, and the calm waters and pristine sand the perfect spot for families and couples to enjoy a day on the beach. Enjoy  activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, and more. Many visitors enjoy catching a wave, renting kayaks, and watching the dolphins. For the adventurer, the area also offers diving equipment rental so that guests can explore the splendor of the ocean floor.
Aside from the beach, Corlette also offers a variety of other activities. A beautiful walking track leads visitors through the area and along the beach, allowing people to enjoy the sights at their own pace. In addition, guests can visit any local sports club to spend the day playing games. Other activities include participating in boat charters, taking tours, and more.

Relax And Indulge

There are a wide range of dining options in the area, providing visitors with almost any dish imaginable. As-Nook Thai Restaurant is among one of the most popular dining options in the area, featuring authentic Thai cuisine that is great for the spice-lover. Merretts Restaurant is another favorite, located on Port Stephens Bay, looking out over the shimmering waters. Otherwise, make the most of areas fresh local produce and cook up a feast in your own holiday rental kitchen.

Getting There

The small area of Corlette makes it simple to walk around, and visitors can take leisurely strolls to other surrounding suburbs in just a matter of minutes. The area also offers car rentals, bus services, and taxi services to make transportation around the area more simple and easy.