Boat Harbour

Have a Holiday in Boat Harbour

The Hunter Region of New South Wales is graced with the captivating presence of a small enclave known as Boat Harbour. A suburb within Port Stephens, Boat Harbour comprises a village that fronts the bay of the same name and is the ultimate in luxury living.

A lure for discerning holiday makers, Boat Harbour offers a wealth of holiday accommodation perfect for a relaxing break without any need to compromise on style and luxury. While the views, beach, bay and coastline are undoubtedly the main draw in Boat Harbour, the quality of cottages, holiday villas and holiday homes on offer are as comparably stunning as the natural sights.

Things to see and do

One of the high points in Boat Harbour, in terms of elevation and captivating beauty alike, lies at the far eastern end of Ocean Parade at Morna Point. From that spot it is possible to breathe in the views as the coastline unfurls before your eyes providing sights that are nothing short of stunning. Should the atmospheric conditions be right, you’ll have enough clarity to trace the coast all the way south passing beyond Newcastle and on towards the horizon.

The beaches in Boat Harbour are a definitive attraction in the area with a sheltered and sandy bay providing the perfect spot for a family holiday. In addition to the luxury holiday villas on offer, Boat Harbour also provides a range of self-contained accommodation, suitable for family holiday needs.

If a day at the beach is on your itinerary, head to the western end of Boat Harbour Beach, where you will be presented with a 200 meters long curving stretch that faces the entrance to the bay. Fine sand and low waves make this place perfect for small children to paddle, and marks a stark contrast to the dramatic bolder coastline that skirts the beach on either side.

For the sport minded, neighbouring Kingsley Beach, which sits to the south of Boat Harbour is a hot spot for surfers, and one of the best place to grab some wave action. With surfers in mind, plenty of holiday apartments have space for you, your friends and a few boards besides.

The Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve is one of the area’s stand-out destinations. Located only a short hop from most of Boat Harbour’s holiday homes, the Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve sits in the southern aspect of Kurnell Peninsula, and encompasses the entirety of Merries Reef. The reserve is perfect for both line fishing, and for the more adventurous, spear fishing, though be careful as some restrictions are in place. Also within the reserve it is possible to collect sea lettuce, baltiweed and rock lobster.

For nature lovers, the Tomaree National Park is a must-visit. It’s situated on the brink of the water’s edge, and extends from Fisherman’s bay to Shoal bay, passing through Boat Harbour en route. Of particular note is Point Stephen’s Light, a lighthouse that dates back to 1862. The entire park covers over 23 square kilometres, and makes for a fascinating day of exploration in the area.

When to visit

Like much of New South Wales, Boat Harbour has an attractive temperate climate that is appealing to visit year round. Typically the weather is characterised by long, warm summers and cooler yet mild winters (remembering that the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere definitions of summer and winter occur at opposite times of the year). Rain tends to be more frequent during the first half of the year, but is otherwise fairly low and well spread. Summer highs can reach mid to late 20s (degrees centigrade) and for all those toe dipping days, you’ll be pleased to find the water invitingly warm year round.

Getting there

Boat Harbour is located a mere 200 kilometres north of international hub, Sydney and can be reached by flying to Sydney and then taking an attractive coastal drive towards Boat Harbour. In order to make the most of your holiday time, consider locating holiday accommodation in Sydney and exploring the city for a couple of days either at the beginning or the end of your trip.