Anna Bay

Anna Bay, a Little Jewel in New South Wales

Port Stephens is a lovely area on the coast of NSW. Nestled all along the many inlets and waterways are small villages and towns, and Anna Bay is one of them. Indeed, Anna Bay is right on the coast overlooking the ocean and is a great place to find holiday accommodation so that this entire area can be explored. This could take the form of walking along nature trails along the cliffs, or by boat to see a different aspect of the ocean side and the inlets both.


Anna Bay is one of those places where there is no worry of sitting in your holiday accommodation scratching your heads as to what to do next.
There are many things to do in this part of the world but the one which cannot be missed is a visit to the sand dunes. These are no ordinary sand dunes and they cover more than four thousand hectares. However, it is the activities that go on here which makes them even more exciting. Driving, quad biking, sand surfing, camel riding or horse riding, the choice is endless. Note though that any vehicles that are driven here must have a permit from the Worimi Conservation organization so that they can control and preserve the area.
For the fishermen in the party, Little Beach not far away and has sheltered spots and piers so that people can relax. In between the wharves is the best place to try to catch a fish and there is a picnic area to cook them on afterwards. Alternatively, go out on a deep sea fishing trip to have a go at big game fishing. There are many charters and private hire vessels and this is a great day out for the fishing enthusiast. Catch a whopper, and throw it on the Barbie back at your holiday rental for a memorable dinner.
At Soldiers Point boat ramp, many people try their luck catching a Jewfish or two and the ramp itself is just behind a historic site. This is the Aboriginal site of Middle Island and has the deepest point around the Port. Consequently a whole range of unique marine life is gathered here.
For couples, try a romantic cruise in the evening and take dinner on board. Or, for the more adventurous, there are moonlight kayak tours which look for dolphins as the sun goes down. This is a lovely way to encounter these beautiful creatures and they usually come to investigate when they see the kayaks arriving.
The beaches here have it all, including a shipwreck blown up onto the beach. This is the Sygna which was beached in 1974 on her maiden voyage. It could be said then that Australia has its own version of the Titanic! It is the colours that attract people at sunset and, since the body of the vessel is half in and half out of the sand, this is a really interesting way to spend a couple of hours.
Lastly, for anyone who wants a little adrenalin pumping action, try out a tandem parasail. This is a once in a lifetime experience and allows people to get a bird’s eye view of Port Stephens and its environs whilst whizzing along behind a speedboat several hundred feet in the air.

Where to Stay

As already mentioned, accommodation in Anna Bay is freely available and, since it is right on the coast, many people opt to rent a holiday home and make this the centre of operations. There is a possibility of renting accommodation, like a serviced apartment for example or a self catering apartment, in several other spots around the coast so that the family can explore more. It is also for this reason that visitors are advised to hire a car so that they can get from their accommodation to all the tourist spots easily.

When to Visit

If Humpback whales are a must see then the holiday must be between May and November. Otherwise, for sun worshippers, January or February are the hottest months.

How to Get to Anna Bay

From overseas, long haul flights take visitors into Sydney where they may well want to spend a few days seeing the sights. Accommodation is available, of course, and people should not miss the Bridge or the Opera House amongst other well known landmarks. Then it is just two and a half hours drive up the coast to Anna Bay. Booking up the transfers or car hire before travel is advised, as is booking accommodation and tickets for attractions too, to save money and time.